questionWhere is your call center located?

Our call center is located in Schenectady, New York

questionDo you provide 24/7/365 service?

Yes! We are here for the client. We have the flexibility to staff for your needs.

questionHow do you price your services?

Pricing will vary based on project scope. We will begin by doing a project test for a small flat fee.

questionWhat differentiates you from your competition?

CapRegion Results is 100% committed to the success of your business. With our extraordinary staff and advanced technology services we are able to deliver exceptional customer service and sales experiences that will be unforgettable to your clients.

questionWhat telephony solutions do you employ?

CapRegion Results call center operates with the latest VOIP solutions for call center technology utilizing Noble Systems. Learn more about our technology.

questionHow secure is my data? Are we PCI compliant?

Yes. CapRegion Results is PCI compliant.

questionHow efficient is a predictive dialer?

Our predictive dialer is capable of increasing the volume of calls and decreasing the amount of idle time in between calls. A predictive dialer increases right party contacts which increase the number of live conversations. In return your ROI will increase just on efficiency alone!